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Creative Director / Creative Strategist


Freelance Creative Director (BBH, Casper, Peloton, Publicis, etc)

FCB NY (9/2014-6/2017) 

Creative Director

BBH NY(6/2014-9/2014)

Freelance Creative DIrector


PRATT (8/2013-1/2014)

Adjunct Advertising Professor


GREY NY (8/2011-5/2014) 

Associate Creative Director

CPB MIAMI (7/2010-8/2011) 

Art Director

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Hi I'm Lim and I'm  a Creative Director with many years of experience creating campaigns big and small.  What I've noticed is there are a lot of problems and, luckily, I enjoy solving them. 

I like to think of myself as a hybrid Art Director and Designer that lives in the sweet spot of conceptual thinking and detailed craftsmanship. Whether the projects are TV / Film, digital / mobile, print / outdoor, branded content, or experiential pieces... my calling is applying my skillset to help build brands and create culture-shaping ideas.

I've been fortunate to work with many clients and what I've learned is that the "learning" never ends;  the only constant is change. Advertising has evolved and so has the way consumers interact with brands. But regardless of the platform, details and craftsmanship still goes a long way... and that's kinda my jam.


Outside of advertising, my faith keeps me grounded and my family brings me joy.


If you'd like to know more just shoot me a note... Grazie!


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"Lim checks every box when it comes to art/creative direction. Conceptually he’s never satisfied. He's is always working to make the idea better and the execution more polished.  His positive attitude never faltered, nor did his ability to deliver a perfectly timed dad joke (if there is such a thing). " 

- Ben Cascella, Creative, BBH

"He’s a good thinker, coming up with great ideas on his own and making other people’s ideas better. He cares about the work he does and works hard to make it as good as possible, attacking a brief from all sorts of angles and crafting the work every step of the way. He’s also an awesome person and a pleasure to be around." 

- Brandon Davis, CD, Weiden + Kennedy

"In addition to being able to deliver killer ideas, Lim has a priceless relaxed positivity that completely disarms those freaking out around him as he almost refuses to be phased by the chaos that comes along with the industry as he chooses to laugh and create vs whine and drown."  

- Russell Dodson, CD, David The Agency

"He is a true craftsman who cares about every aspect of a project from concept all the way through to the conform. He's also a good human being, which is sometimes overlooked in our biz. I'd work with him again in a heartbeat."

- Andy Currie, Freelance CD

"He works hard. He cares. He’s passionate about the work and he understands that great work usually carries a high price. He’s got a great sense of design and sweats the details like a good art director should. And, he’s also far more conceptual than the average art director. He’s a glue guy. People like him. And, he likes people. He also truly enjoys mentoring younger creatives and helping them produce good work."

- Duc Nguyen, CD, Taxi


"I worked with Lim at Casper Sleep. He was efficient, fun, and great energy at the office. His positive attitude and chill vibe made it a pleasure to work together as a team. I would love to work with Lim again"

- Marysol Villegas, Project Manager, Casper

"Lim never ceases to excite a room. Conceptually, he delivers strong, interesting creative ideas that are both on-brief and innovative. He's truly been a pleasure to work with, and his positivity and playfulness has helped him build strong relationships and execute awesome work"

- Laura Trafflet, Account Supervisor, Publicis

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