/ Memorial Wall Murals /

Wall mural memorials honoring the great ones who've passed.


/ Public Service Side Project /

Seeing a pregnant woman stand on a subway train pisses me off, so I took matters into my own hands.  Mommy Belly Buttons was born from seeing your frustration. 


After being featured in mommy blogs, the demand grew... 

so we went retail in shops in NYC.

 I shared the idea with the NY MTA and after year, the baby button program was implemented.



/ 501c3 Non Profit Organization /

I cofounded a non-profit to spread awareness and help victims of sex trafficking called The Blind Project. I stepped away from advertising for a short while to travel back and forth from Southeast Asia. 


While on the grounds in Southeast Asia, we partnered with other NGO's and aftercare facilities to help rehabilitated women and children.


We created a website that depicted the story of sex trafficking through childrens characters. The site took off and we quickly gained followers all over the world to unite with us.

We started a screen printing press in Southeast Asia that provided jobs for rescued and rehabilitated women. Prints were sold in the United States to help spread awareness and also provide income.


We launched fundraisers and gallery exhibitions with artists from all over the world to raise awareness about sex trafficking. 


/ Optometry Practice /

My wife and I are owners of Heights Vision; a private optometry practice in Brooklyn.  It's a place where I can wear the creative hat and the client hat at the same time.

Taking care of peoples' eyes is at the core of what we do and we try to help underserved people around the world through our vision care mission trips.

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