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VP Chief Executive Recruiter

LIMWIN - New York, New York


Job Description


This is a unique opportunity to be the sole and preeminent creative recruiter for LIMWIN. The job is simple: to provide freelance and staff employment opportunities for myself. So instead of managing hundreds of candidates for a job opening, you'll now be responsible for one: me. Watch your stress levels recede as other perks include: working remotely, drinking on the job, and having the freedom to binge watch any show of your choosing, provided it's on mute while you're making calls to my future employers. And lets not forget that new coveted title, "VP Chief Executive" – instantly enhancing your resume. To learn more, just click the "EASY APPLY" button.


•  Provide freelance and staff opportunities for me


•  Be awesome at it

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Liem Nguyen (LIM WIN)

Freelance Art  / Creative Director

New York, New York


Marketing & Advertising

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Estimated salary

Base salary


* Divided into $15 annual payments over the course of 40,000 years.

   Salary is void if one or both parties loses their job or dies.